Window Weapon 12" and 16" Brushes


Disclaimer:  Certain glasses will scratch with any abrasive pad - we rely on your knowledge and professionalism to test each glass surface before using a WINDOW WEAPON. It is recommended to only be used on glass, and not on any polymer materials. By purchasing this product, you accept responsibility for your choice of pad, and hereby indemnify the manufacturer against any claim for damage to glass surfaces.


We want to appreciate and recognise the hundreds of Window Cleaners who supported us with buying the BRONZE BRUSH, facilitating the evolution of WINDOW WEAPON with particular help from Larry Crook, CT, USA; Eric Gilliand, NEW ZEALAND, and Peter Thomas in Perth, AUSTRALIA; also Todd Thurman and Kai Chinn, USA; Craig Hardman, Australia; and dozens of others who have offered constructive feedback, we want to ensure you feel supported as you support Reach-iT.


Together, we were able to collaborate to make WINDOW WEAPON - the Holy Grail of the CONSTRUCTOR BRUSH PROJECT.


CONSTRUCTOR BRUSH is the only brush made from scratch specifically to maximize efficiency of Window Cleaners - it's been a long journey with highs and lows, but we never lost sight of the goal, and the faith it was achievable, step by step.


The potential of FASTER, BETTER, SAFER is still evolving!


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Remember that you are passing your force from your arms to a SCRUB on WINDOW WEAPON - if your pole is not rigid - it will flex with your force, and it will not work effectively. In our experience, because the brush is the new 'being tested' tool, the Operator will say 'it doesn't work' - without ever considering that it is the pole that doesn't work!

Window Weapon Brush 12"- 16"




  • 12" or 16" Window Weapon Brush
  • 6 x Scrub Types (3 of each type)
  • Side 2 Side Swivel Adapter
  • If you are buying Window Weapon for a NON-REACH-IT pole you will need this Universal Adaptor'