The Reach-iT TACTICAL Water Fed Window Cleaning Pole is based on the design of the flagship Reach-iT Mini.


The TACTICAL has been made noticeably more rigid by changing the laminate plan to be over 60% High Modulus Carbon Fibre for pure water window cleaning.

The goal is to maximise your efficiency.


In seeking to guide you through the decision making process, we want to draw your attention to the fact that you will achieve more time savings and therefore achieve a higher hourly rate by focusing on how to clean FASTER, BETTER, and SAFER on 80% of the windows you clean, rather than you would by focusing on the much smaller percentage of the ‘highest windows’ that you plan to clean.




The Reach-iT design principle is all about the 80:20 rule.


We can find your perfect pole by the answers to these 2 questions:


Q1. What is the height range of windows that account for 80% of the glass you clean?


This is typically 1-2 stories for Residential and 1-4 stories for Commercial operators. 


Q2. What is the maximum height windows you intend to clean any time in the future? 


With the answers to these two questions, we are able to recommend a pole that is designed for you and the


  • 80% of the windows you clean daily
  • 20% of the windows you will be able to clean by extending your pole


You can extend your pole at any time in the future to reach the ‘highest windows you want to clean’ with a Plus A, Plus AB or Plus ABB extension.


Feet to Story Converter Calculator HERE




To understand this better, consider that only


  • 25% of the glass of a 4 story building is at 4 stories
  • 75% is 3 stories and below
  • 50% is 2 stories and below
  • 25% of the windows (ground floor) could be cleaned by hand without a water fed pole!


TACTICAL is designed as a modular two-story telescopic pole system that can be disassembled to clean lower windows, and extended with Plus A and Plus B to clean higher windows.


Standing at just 4ft 6” compact height, and 25ft of actual pole length (add 5ft Operator height to get 30ft reach), TACTICAL has all the clamps at chest height (starting just 3.5 ft off the base), making it totally convenient to adjust the length of the pole at all times. Adding our new SHOCKSTOP Insulator Handle, adds an additional 5ft to the TACTICAL master.   


TACTICAL is a 7-section telescopic pole, pulling apart at sections 1 and 4 to give you a shorter, lighter pole when working lower glass.


Sections 1-4 give 19ft reach, and Section 1 on its own gives you 10ft reach.

This is the essential Reach-iT design - a ‘Pole System’ designed specifically for Window Cleaning, pulling apart and extending one story at a time.




Read our in depth blog post to find out more information as well as all of the technical specification for the Reach-iT Tactical pole.


Click here to read the Full Tech Spec for Reach-iT Tactical

Reach-iT Tactical Pole


Perfect for normal day-to-day residential cleaning work


  • Compact Length
  • Rigid Construction
  • 60% High Modulus Carbon Fibre
  • 2 Storey Pole
  • (Extendable up to 5 Stories with Plus Sections)