Minimize your risk of electric shock when using a carbon fibre water fed pole.


  • 5ft Extra Length
  • Made from Kevlar


You can use SHOCKSTOP to extend any Reach-iT Pole by up to 5ft.

KEVLAR is an amazing material - it is incredibly light, very rigid, and totally non-conductive.  That's why we chose to use Kevlar to make SHOCKSTOP - this 5ft extension weighs in at less than 0.45kg!


SHOCKSTOP is a 5ft "#8 section", so it will fit all Reach-iT poles ever made.


SHOCKSTOP supersedes POLE-SKIN, offering you the ultimate insulation, and extension.




SHOCKSTOP is a #8 section in the REACH-iT range.


All Professional Reach-iT poles are 7 sections - so SHOCKSTOP is compatible with them all.


  • Open the top clamp of SHOCKSTOP
  • Slide SHOCKSTOP over the handle of your Reach-iT Pole to your desired position
  • Adjust and close the clamp


Your Operators' can use SHOCKSTOP as a handle over the main pole handle, or as an extension handle, overlapping at least 8" at the base of your pole handle.


You can store SHOCKSTOP on the pole, or separately, as it suits you.




Using REACH-IT CONNECT, you can use SHOCKSTOP with any Reach-iT pole even after pulling it apart to use less sections (for example, sections 5,4,3,2,1 of a WARRIOR, or PRO, or sections 4,3,2,1 of a MINI or TACTICAL). 


You can also CONNECT your SHOCKSTOP to a PLUS ABB extension pole. 


Designed in accordance with the Reach-iT Rules - FASTER, BETTER, SAFER, this safety handle delivers universal protection and maximum useable functionality. 


In particular, we chose to make SHOCKSTOP from KEVLAR instead of fiberglass (also non-conductive) to ensure the principles of lightweight, and rigid are at the core of our design - neither of which are delivered by using fiberglass. 


Invest in SHOCKSTOP for your work crews today - it will earn their respect, and it may save a life!

Reach-iT Shockstop

  • Minimize your risk of electric shock!
  • Kevlar insulator handle for Reach-iT poles.
  • Extend any Reach-iT Pole by up to 5ft.
  • The latest SAFETY PRODUCT from REACH-iT