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If you want all the risk removed for your new RADIAL brush, then consider adding REACH-iT CARE for a replacement.




If at any time in the 24 months after you receive your RADIAL Brush, it is incapacitated, we will replace it FREE of CHARGE, subject to Reach-iT's T&C's.  


For FULL details on how to register your product and how to make a claim, please see our blog post called Details on Reach-iT Care here.




Practically everything that renders the brush ineffective.


  • BENT ALUMINUM BLOCK: We recently had a customer’s customer drive over his brush he left on the driveway; COVERED
  • PU END-CAPS WORN: We have been using RHINO-TUBE (PU) as a buffer for CONSTRUCTOR BRUSH against the frames (especially brick frames) for the last 3 years without a claim. If, for any reason, the PU END-CAPS are worn through to reveal the end-cap underneath; COVERED
  • BRISTLES DISTORTED: RADIAL has the bristles preset at 20-25 degrees from the perpendicular of the aluminum block. During design and prototype testing, we tested all angles from 0º to 45º and all were effective, however, past 45º, the efficiency is reduced by the inner bristles that set the maximum angle of the bristles on the glass. If the blade of your outer bristles splay to over 45º from the perpendicular of the aluminum block; COVERED
  • WORN PIVOT TEETH: The only way PIVOT teeth can get worn, is if the cam lever is not adjusted correctly to lock the teeth as one. That said if you burr the teeth; COVERED
  • BROKEN PIVOT: We have seen some breakages of SIDE 2 SIDE after pole-drops … more so in the very early spring in the areas that freeze as nylon becomes more brittle when it is colder. Regardless dropped or broken for any reason; COVERED




  • SCRATCHES: As this is a tool that is continually experiencing impact; aesthetic, non-functional damage is; NOT COVERED
  • BLOCKED JETS: Blocked jets occur for only one reason - debris gets in your water line from your water line. It is the responsibility of the Operator to protect the connectors and the entire fluid delivery setup from debris. If the debris is smaller than the orifice of the jets, it will pass; if bigger, it will catch in a jet, and block it. TO CLEAN: Inside HYDRO-BLADE II+, the jets are curved channels - so a wire like a guitar string is needed to push the debris back in the main flow-line. Open the T Pushfit at the base of the brush to allow water to flow in one direction through the HYDRO-BLADE II+ to flush, poking the blocked holes at the same time; NOT COVERED
  • SOILED BRISTLES: If you go and clean windows that haven't been cleaned in 5 years, straight above a BBQ - you are going to get grease all over your bristles.  TIP: Rather than clean the bristles with detergent, get detergent onto the glass with WINDOW WEAPON and MICROFIBER SCRUB. 
  • LOST BRUSH: As REACH-iT CARE requires the RADIAL Brush to be returned to a designated address in your country (for participating countries), a lost brush cannot be replaced for free.


For FULL details on how to register your product and how to make a claim, please see our blog post called Details on Reach-iT Care here.

Reach-iT Care


2 Year Replacement Guarantee


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