Radial Rocker Brush 14" - 18"


Available with Reach-iT Care (see full details here)


This is the next generation WINDOW WEAPON technology, with a pivoting BLOCK - so the block stays square on the glass no matter the angle of your pole in relation to the glass.


The key is to understand, and use 'The REACH-iT TECHNIQUE' as it is actually the technique that delivers the increased efficiency.  We know this is a very expensive brush, however, we also know that you get a return on investment within days of changing to RADIAL with The REACH-iT TECHNIQUE


RADIAL ROCKER Includes our best SCRUBS - 16 of our BEST!  


RADIAL ROCKER has a ROCKING BLOCK so the SCRUB remains square on the glass, regardless the angle of the pole in relation to the glass, ensuring full, maximum 'lbs per square inch' AGITATION FORCE in every stroke.


The 'arc' of bristles in the endcaps, when 'rolled' through the corners dig out spider webs and debris with ease - the hardest aspect of water fed window cleaning to date, now solved with efficiency.


Remember : it's your technique that gives you your efficiency, so RADIAL is designed for The REACH-IT TECHNIQUE - it is a new training if you have not used a REACH-IT BRUSH before... but fortunately, it's very similar to the most efficient squeegee technique!


RADIAL is designed for HI-FLO TUBE : Increasing the flowrate in the rinse function (you rinse as you agitate with the brush on the glass - there is no second rinse action) means you can use MUCH LESS TIME, and ultimately LESS WATER VOLUME.


 FITTING TO OTHER POLES : If you have a GARDINER or TUCKER angle adaptor (you can buy them for UNGER) - the teeth pattern on RADIAL PIVOT is the same as the teeth pattern on a GARDINER ANGLE ADAPTOR - undo the lever bolt and swap them out. 


(For COMMERCIAL GLASS,  consider the rocking block in DEEP-FRAME ROCKER. This brush does not use a PIVOT - it is designed for UP-DOWN action only. )

Radial Rocker Brush 14" - 18"