Radial Lite Brush (14")


RADIAL LITE is designed for HIGH SPEED REGULAR CLEANING with SINGLE ACTION  - AGITATE on the up-stroke, RINSE on the down-stroke.  


With 4 rows of bristles, including radial bristles to clean the corners more efficiently than any other brush, RADIAL LITE is the ideal brush for Storefronts and Rope Access (where applicable), and other route external window cleaning. 


RADIAL LITE is also suitable for use on lower-cost flexible poles that are not rigid enough for the heavy-duty RADIAL, and poles made with less layers of carbonfiber to make them lightweight.




UNMATCHED AGITATION: The bristles are in the right place for cleaning frames, edges, corners, and windows. 


HIGHEST QUALITY ANODIZED ALUMINUM BLOCK: Built on a 12" block, with 14" splay of bristle, RADIAL LITE is the highest technology in Window Cleaning Brushes.


HIGHEST QUALITY NYLON BRISTLES: RADIAL bristles will NOT DISTORT in temperatures as high as 80ºC


BLADE OF BRISTLES: 100% coverage of the window surface with every single stroke


DUAL TRIM BRUSH: RADIAL LITE has 2 LEVELS OF BRISTLE ENGAGEMENT with the glass to ensure maximum agitation.


FITTED WITH HYDRO-BLADE III+:  We bend the water to exactly where you need it.


PIVOT: Designed to NEVER FAIL!! Giving you UNLIMITED ANGLES of ATTACK, including negative angles for cleaning windows below the waist. 


The key is to understand, and use 'The RADIAL TECHNIQUE' as it is actually the technique that delivers the increased efficiency.  


We know this is a very expensive brush, however, we also know that you get a return on investment within days of changing to RADIAL LITE with The RADIAL TECHNIQUE


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Radial Lite Brush (14")

  • 14"
  • Dual Trim Bristles
  • Pivot
  • Anodized Aluminium Block
  • Compatible with Gardiner Pole
  • Radial Technique (see details here)