Heavy Duty Gooseneck Set


HDG PACK is revolutionary for Water Fed Window Cleaners.


Your Heavy Duty Gooseneck Pack includes:


4 x Gooseneck Angles (95º, 110º, 125º, and 140º)

2 x Horizontal reach extensions to effect 12″ and 18″ horizontal reach.

2 x Euro flat mount for Constructor Brush

2 x Rhino Pole Tip


Till now, if you cannot reach a window in a straight line with your pole and small angle adaptor, you would need to revert to a ladder or a lift to clean the window. In addition, working at extreme heights where there must be some gravity-induced flex in the pole, a horizontal displacement of the pole tip facilitates greater control of the pole/brush system.


The challenge is – it could be for any number of reasons that you can’t put the brush on the glass, and a ladder or lift is not always possible.


Using HDG PACK will enable you to get your CONSTRUCTOR BRUSH ‘square’ on the glass regardless of the different architectural challenges that you face. This includes situations for solar panel cleaning, skylight cleaning, as well as cleaning levels 5, 6 and 7.




Whilst windows are (for the best part) always installed vertical, the Operator is not always able to stand in the ideal place in relation to the glass ( using the pole at around 70 degrees angle);


  • The window could be recessed anything up to 2 FEET (60cm).
  • The Operator could have no freedom to stand away from the building – for example, in a 3 FOOT pathway beside a home, with a 4ft fence confining the Operator to use the pole nearly vertically.
  • A structure may be in the way of straight line access to the window, or landscaping (eg. a pool) could compel a pole angle that will prevent the use of a SIDE 2 SIDE swivel.




On commercial building design, architects LOVE to design windows that are difficult to clean – ok, it really seems they don’t even think about the fact they will need to be cleaned! Often windows are recessed deeply, or access to them is obstructed by decorative structures, or sun-shades on the window directly below.


Secondly, the more extreme the height of Water Fed Window Cleaning, the more you will experience gravity-induced flex. This type of flex is minimised with the use of High Modulus and Ultra-High Modulus Carbon fibre in the pole design, however, for every pole, there is a force/flex reaction at a certain length.


Thirdly, cleaning commercial buildings often means larger panels of glass for cladding or windows. With our commitment to FASTER, BETTER, SAFER, we want you to be able to use the biggest brush feasible at any time because it means you can clean more glass surface with each stroke. This wider brush also adds incredible lateral stability to the pole/brush kit, but again, not with a SIDE 2 SIDE – you need to use a fixed-angle gooseneck – the angle is determined by the angle of section 1 of the pole when it is at the window.


Cleaning at extreme heights (60-80 feet), this could be 95-110º, whereas, on the same building, at 40-60ft, the angle will be 110-125º.


One of the hidden and rarely considered causes of pole angle is actually the Operator and the level of discomfort he experiences when craning his neck to look up 30-80ft. As his trapezoids contract to crane his neck, he experiences discomfort and intuitively to reduce this discomfort, he moves further away from the building to reduce the angle he needs to crane his neck, and still see the brush on the glass.


The further away from the building he moves, the more he exposes the pole to gravity-induced flex. This intuitive self-protection reaction is his body’s way of letting him know that the craning of the neck is potentially injurious – most commonly, extreme Water Fed Pole Operators experience tension headaches as a result of the compressed trapezoid muscles


As a responsible manufacturer, Reach-iT supply safety equipment (PPE) with every PACK – in this scenario, it is REACH-iT PRISMS – special glasses that use prisms so the Operator can look straight ahead, and see directly up (90º bending of the line of sight). An Operator using PRISMS Safety Glasses can therefore comfortably stand in the ideal location in relation to the building to maintain the ideal 70º angle on the pole.




At REACH-iT, as the manufacturer that ONLY sells 100% carbon fiber water fed poles, we solved these challenges using the increased rigidity of our poles to support the weight of the brush displaced up to 2 FEET Horizontally without any inefficiency loss that would occur from excess pole flex.

Heavy Duty Gooseneck Set