Constructor Brush 'All Rounder' 12 Inch (Yellow)


This is the ‘all-rounder’ brush - softer bristles on the outside, and collapse it further to activate the aggressive bristles. This brush will clean all .. bird poop included .. and it’s perfect for cut-ups.


All CONSTRUCTOR PRO-BRUSH are now supplied fully assembled with SIDE 2 SIDE.


CONSTRUCTOR BRUSH is the only brush designed from inception for Water Fed Window Cleaning.


Looking at all other industry options, you can only find broom-style brushes, with drilled jets, or bolt-on rinse bars as our competitors slowly adjust to the realisation that CONSTRUCTOR BRUSH is the fastest brush for Water Fed Window Cleaning.




The greatest DISCOVERY from the evolution CONSTRUCTOR INNOVATION is that we can make HYDROPHOBIC GLASS behave as if it is HYDROPHILIC when we are performing the DOWN-STROKE RINSE.


The enemy of all Water Fed Window Cleaners has been windows, or parts of windows that repel the water during the rinse phase (we call that HYDROPHOBIC GLASS). It could be the whole pane, or it could be the edges, where the silicon has crept across the glass from the seals.


We observed this phenomenon after we developed HYDRO-BLADE - and the perfected WATER SQUEEGEE Effect. After deliberation with several highly scientific minds, we conclude that the perfect top blade of constructor brush breaks the surface tension as it glides down the glass.  At the same time, the spot-free water from HYDRO-BLADE is sitting on the top edge of the bristle blade, inheriting the broken surface tension, and consequently sheeting off (when water cascades in sheets, we call the glass HYDROPHYLIC GLASS).


To add even more amazing data, we have observed that there are smaller, and less number of water beads on the glass after CONSTRUCTOR is used for a DOWN-STROKE RINSE than other brushes, meaning there is less chance for spots on windy days, or during pollen season!

Constructor Brush 'All Rounder' 12"



The All-Rounder 12" - ideal for most regular cleans.

This brush has the latest upgrades:

  • Side 2 Side
  • Also available in 16", 20", and 24"