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Updated: Nov 2, 2019

Why lightness isn’t everything

How many times have you heard another window cleaner brag about how light their carbon fibre pole is? Many times more than likely!

So what is all the hype about how lightweight your pole is?

As with all industries at the beginning of water fed pole window cleaning the materials and technology were at their infancy. This meant that the tools that were being used were not as effective or finely tuned as they are today.

As time has moved on and more window cleaners have been moving over to using pure water and making use of water fed poles there has consequently been an increase in putting more time and investment into research and development for better, safer tools.

Water Fed Poles

Lets look at the change in water fed poles and how they have evolved.

Back in the early days poles were commonly made from fibreglass. This was good because it was a cheap and non conductive material. But the downside was that the longer the pole to more flexible it became as well as becoming rather heavy. This made it hard work to work on higher windows and put strain on the window cleaners neck and shoulders.

Manufacturers then started playing around with composite materials (combining two materials together) to make hybrid poles. The idea was to make a pole that was more rigid, lighter and still affordable.

Once these poles started doing well and taking off we then entered the world of carbon fibre. Carbon fibre is a great material, its super strong, super rigid, lightweight and looks fantastic! If this is the case then, why do window cleaners think that the lighter the better?

Truth About Carbon Fibre

Contrary to belief not all carbon fibre poles are created equal!

There are many factors that make a good carbon fibre pole. Some of these are:

cloth structure, resin used, how many layers and other woven in material.

So depending on how the above factors are combined determines different things about the pole, about how rigid it is, how strong it is, how long lasting it is etc etc…

So I hear you asking what’s the best carbon fibre pole then and how is weight involved?

There are so many factors to this question but lets break them down into two main factors.


Window cleaners seem to be fixated on how much a pole weighs. But when you think about it logically, when the pole is resting on a window most of the weight is resting against the building and you are merely supporting it and pushing it up and down.

Where weight comes into it is when you are using a 30ft pole to clean the ground floor windows. Now all of the weight of the pole is in your hands in a condensed manner and you are having to fight with that.

Using a 3 storey pole to clean all your windows all of the time is actually madness. And this is what pole manufacturers have been telling your for years. They then say oh well you can but a 2 storey pole, a 3 storey pole, a 4 storey pole etc. Each having its own brush, hose, connectors etc so it is actually costing you a fortune and you still end up using a 4 storey pole to clean ground floor windows!

So what Reach-iT have done is broken away from this mentality and designed a water fed pole that is designed to be used as a tool rather than just a pole.

With its pull apart functionality as well as having your hose externally means that once you have finished using your pole at full height, when you come down a level you can simply drop off a section of the pole. This means that as you work down the building your pole is ‘actually’ getting lighter! This means that as you are working and your arms are getting tired the weight of your pole is decreasing making working more comfortable.

This also means that you only have to use as much of the pole as each job requires. Added to this is the fact that you can and on PLUS sections at any time if you get a job that is taller than your pole can currently reach. Instead of buying another pole, another brush etc all you have to do is order one PLUS section and away you go.

It just makes sense!


This again comes down to how the pole is manufactured and how the carbon fibre cloth is layered and structured.

Essentially the higher quality carbon fibre cloth and the more layers of cloth the more rigid and strong it will be, but this adds extra cost and weight as more material is being used.

So it is easy to make a very cheap carbon fibre pole that is ‘super lightweight’ like some manufacturers are doing. But doing this means that you sacrifice strength, rigidity and longevity for your pole.

Having longer sections also makes the pole more rigid and straight but having to open clamps and extend a pole that is out of your comfortable reach again is not good for your body and safety.

Also if your pole is too rigid when you are using it all of the force on the brush has to come from you the window cleaner. To get the pressure to get a good clean means that you have to put added force through the pole to the brush.

Whereas if your pole has a little flex to it, this means that gravity is automatically putting pressure on the brush for you and you just have to control and manoeuvre the brush meaning less chance of injury to you.

What makes the perfect carbon fibre pole?

Well quite simply Reach-iT have cracked it!

They have been designing poles and window cleaning equipment for years and through much testing and research and development they have created the Tactical and Warrior carbon fibre poles.

These are a perfect combination of weight, rigidity, functionality and safety.

Having been created for window cleaners by window cleaners and tested in the real world by window cleaners we know that these poles are great products.

Using high grade 100% 3K carbon fibre, specially structured cloth layers, high grade resin the poles are specifically designed with you in mind.

Reach-iT’s mantra is Faster, Better, Safer.

Choosing a Reach-iT pole is the right pole for you. It is a high quality tool designed not only to last but also to be versatile and help you as a business owner to work faster and make more money.

See the Tech Specs for both the Tactical pole for domestic work and the Warrior pole for commercial work right here and feel free to ask us any questions before you buy your next Reach-iT pole!

Tech Spec – Tactical Pole

Tech Spec – Warrior Pole

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