Public Liability Insurance - Are You Covered?

Public Liability Insurance - What is covered?

Lots of window cleaners say that they are 'fully insured'.

But do you understand exactly what is covered by your public liability insurance policy?

What is Public Liability Insurance?

One of the main types of business insurance for window cleaners is known as public liability insurance. This insurance can cover compensation payments and legal costs if a customer sues your business. This could be due to an individual being injured or their property being damaged due to the work that you have carried out.

Most public liability insurance policies cover only 3rd party entities. This could include such things as a ladder or water fed pole falling over and damaging a 3rd parties property or a passer by tripping over a trailing hose or falling over other equipment.

This would mean that the building that you are working on itself is not covered by the policy.

What WOULD be covered by Public Liability Insurance?

Depending on where you get your insurance and who the underwriters are will make a big difference on what is actually covered. You will need to carefully read all of the small print on your policy to see what you are covered for and make sure that you have the correct cover that you need.

Things that are generally covered include:

  • damage to property not being worked on as a result of your work

  • injury to a member of the public as a result of your work

What WOULD NOT be covered by Public Liability Insurance?

Many window cleaners are under the misconception that their public liability insurance covers everything involved in cleaning windows and more, but this is NOT the case.

Things that are not generally covered by your policy would include:

  • scratching a window

  • breaking a window

  • breaking glass in a door

  • damaging a conservatory window

  • breaking or damaging a conservatory roof

  • damaging a flat roof

  • damaging roof tiles

  • damaging barge-boards or guttering

  • damaging a garage door

  • damaging a customers property (inside or outside)

How this works

If the damage is caused whilst you are working upon the item (e.g. the window being scratched by using a scraper blade, grit caught in your brush etc) that will not usually be covered by your public liability insurance.

But if the window was scratched by dropping a ladder on the window, that would be classed as third party property damage and that WOULD be covered.

Getting the right insurance for your business

It is important to make sure that you understand precisely what your insurance policy covers and to make sure that you get all of the cover that you need.

In order to get the cover that you need it would be sensible to think of not only getting Public Liability Insurance but also to invest in a more comprehensive Window Cleaning business insurance.

By doing this you can get all of the cover that you need and this allows you to be fully protected to the level that you require. Having a policy that you know covers all of the areas that you need gives you the peace of mind that if anything were to go wrong you are sure that you are fully covered.

You can tailor your policy to cover things such as:

  • breaking a window

  • damaging any customers property

  • damaging the building you are working on

  • damaging or breaking your water fed pole

  • items stolen from your vehicle

  • injury to another person as a result of your work

  • damage to guttering

  • damage caused by pressure washing

Ryan's Insurance

A company that offers this type of window cleaning insurance and much more is Ryan's.

Ryan's Insurance Group Ltd offers comprehensive insurance for all window cleaning businesses from sole traders all the way up to large companies employing multiple employees who offer a variety of cleaning services.

To get a window cleaning insurance quote from Ryan's please click here.

Mention Wash-iT when calling or getting an online quote under 'What directed you to our website?'

Ryan’s is a trading name of Ryan Insurance Group Ltd. which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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