Why Water Fed Leaves Spots

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

How can Pure Water Window Cleaning Leave Spots?

No doubt you know how to clean a window using pure water and a brush with pencil jets. But why do you still get spots?

Let’s call the way you traditionally use a pole and brush with pencil jets the ‘normal way’ that everyone knows.

Pencil Jets

So we have two pencil jets in the brush and here you use the brush for the agitation or to get the dirt from the glass into the pure water droplets.

Now normally with the brush you’ll go across the top of the glass and come down, then go across the glass in an up and down and up and down motion from one side to the other and that’s the agitation.

The Rinse and Spots on Glass

Now to rinse that dirty water off the glass. You have to do this because we have agitated all of the dirt and debris from off of the glass and it is now suspended inside the pure water droplets that remain on the glass.

If we did not rinse these off then water droplets would simply evaporate and then leave the clumps of debris on the glass leaving what is referred to as spots.

So we have GOT to rinse the glass thoroughly in order for it to be clean and leave the glass spot free. The reason for this is that the glass is extremely hydrophobic.

Some professional window cleaners say that water fed window cleaning doesn’t work because it doesn’t work well on glass which is hydrophobic with pure water and brushes. This actually is not the case, the fact is that it is difficult to get a good rinse using just the 2 pencil jets from the ground when working at height.

As you go to two, three or four stories, the higher you go the harder it gets to rinse properly and that’s why you’ll hear a lot of people say that water fed window cleaning doesn’t work above three stories because you can’t control the hydrophobic phenomenon and that is the draw back of the traditional pencil jet brush technique.

How to Solve the Problem

But what if we could use something else, a brush with a system of water delivery that would assure a perfect rinse every time no matter what height of windows you are cleaning?

This is where the Constructor Brush by Reach-iT comes into it own realm of amazing awesomeness!

More to come on this fantastic set of brushes in another blog post.

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