Reach-iT's 2020 Keynote & 7 New Products Launched

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Reach-iT's 2020 Keynote

Date: November 29th 2019

Time: 16:00 (GMT)

Watch Full Keynote on YouTube

Part 1: Launch

Part 2: Clamps

Part 3: Attack Mops

Part 4: Microfibre

Part 5: Flow Blue

Part 6: Window Cleaner App

Part 7: Radial Brush

The keynote address was broadcast via Facebook live for simultaneous viewing all around the world. With promo videos for each release, well thought out explanations for development and a real enthusiasm not only for the products but also for the industry itself.

Just like Apple's keynotes the Reach-iT keynote had a wonderful lead up with sneak previews coming from images on social media, announcements in videos and generated hype from within the online community.

So what were the 7 new products and what can we expect from them in 2020?

7 New Products for 2020

With anticipation growing, the exciting launch brought us 7 brand new products and innovations for the window cleaning industry that are available to order now and will be shipped in early 2020.

1. New Clamps

Features of the newly designed clamps for Reach-iT Poles.

Clamp Tightening Mechanism

  • non moving

  • no adjustment after its been set

Clamp Lever

  • smooth closing

  • better grip

  • removed click

No-pinch Zone

Hi-Flo Tube Runner

Free upgrade to 2020 clamps for any Reach-iT Pole bought after the event.

2. Attack Mops (applicators)

The Attack Mops are coming in 4 variations with different names. The names are based on on MMA names including Kung Fu, Grappler, Taekwondo and Boxer. These are known as MMA - Mixed Mop Arts.

More Aggressive

  • Different Levels of Aggressive Materials

Non Slip Sleeve

  • Velcro to T-bar

Efficient Water Holding


Point Attack

  • White Non-Scratch Pad (interchangeable)

3. Microfibre

Microfibe can hold 6 times its own weight in water and is more hygienic than bleach. Microfibre can be made (woven) in thousands of different ways with high quality or low quality design depending on application.

Different Sizes - Tell Reach-iT what size you want and why for the future


  • pockets in all 4 corners for use on pole


  • lint free one side (detailing)

  • water absorbing the other side (wet)

4. Flow Blue

Flow Blue is a portable pure water filtration system with RO/DI.

The fully optioned Flow Blue comes with:

  • TDS meter

  • Temp and Pressure Gauge

  • RO Only

  • RO/DI Combo

  • Sediment filter

  • Carbon filter

  • Pneumatic tyres

  • Roll cage

  • Nylon Runners for easy storage in truck/van

3 levels of spec available depending on features that you want.

5. Window Cleaner App

Community app driven by window cleaners for window cleaners. Areas included in the app are:

  • Safe space for community

  • Worldwide Community

  • Local Community

  • Suppliers and Promo section

  • Tools and Techniques

  • Live Broadcasts

  • Add on Services

  • Profile

  • Friends and Messages

  • Business Growth and Resources

6. Radial Brush

It's the brush that cleans the glass and not the pole. This brush is a fixed unit that has been beautifully designed to clean quickly and efficiently.

  • Bristles around the edges

  • Triple Trim

  • Angled bristles (for maximum efficiency)

  • Dense blade bristles on top

  • Pivot (only on Radial Brush)

  • 15 degree tilt

  • Stainless Steel Swivel mechanism with brass bush

  • Negative Angle

  • Connects with Gardiner Pole

7. Reach-iT Care (Brush protection plan)

This is care plan/insurance plan for your Radial Brush. For just a small premium that you can add to your purchase of your Radial brush you can have the peace of mind that if anything happened to your amazing brush you can simply send it back to Reach-iT and they will send you back a brand new replacement.

All Radial Brushes have a unique code engraved on them so that they can be tracked.

Everything that happens to your brush is covered by the care plan except just three things:

  • scratches (not as pretty as it was)

  • blocked jets (fixable yourself)

  • greasy bristles

Watch the full product launch on Facebook here.

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