About Us

About Us and Reach-iT

We have been working with Reach-iT since their very beginning in making and bringing to market carbon fibre water fed poles.

We were the very first business to bring Reach-iT to the window cleaners here in UK market! (albeit we used a different business name)

We have been supplying high quality carbon fibre water fed poles, hybrid poles, water fed brushes and accessories to many window cleaners here in the UK.

Window Cleaners Ourselves

Being window cleaners ourselves we know that there are many different kinds of equipment available.

What you want and what we want are the same thing.

You want:

  • reliability

  • strength

  • rigidity

  • long lasting

  • user friendly

  • solid investment


This is why we retail the Reach-iT brand of products because they are all of those things and more.

So why not take the leap and join us in being another extremely satisfied customer proud to be using Reach-iT poles, brushes and accessories.